Ghent University students help build circular pavilions at Tech Lane Ghent

Circulaire paviljoenen
Circulaire paviljoenen

Four students from the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture see their teaching assignment realised at the new Campus Zone on Eiland Zwijnaarde.

Currently, the Campus Zone of Tech Lane Ghent Science Park is in full development. Various R&D facilities of major national and international companies are being realised there. To give their (future) employees space to relax and meet each other, a landscape park is being created in the middle of the Campus Zone. The eye-catchers of the park are two pavilions on a central green square.

Circular meeting places

To design these pavilions, Tech Lane Ghent (TLG), developer of the Campus Zone, approached the 1st Master students of Studio A and Architectural Design Studio: Design Development of Ghent University. ...

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