Give your input for corona related Ghent University research

How are you doing? How is telework/learning at home going? How do you and your family cope with the situation? Ghent University wants to know! Give your input and help your fellow researchers.

Learning at Home: the impact of the corona measures on learning

  • Short description: how is home education for children with and without developmental and / or learning disabilities’ What things are going well and what difficulties are there?
  • Target group: parents of school-aged children aged 5 to 18, both children with and without developmental and / or learning disabilities
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Effect of coronavirus measures on humans and animals (in households with and without pets)

  • Short description: do pets have an effect on how we experience the consequences of the corona measures’ What is changing for our animals at the moment and in our relationship with them? How do people without pets think about this?
  • Target group: all persons and families, both with and without pets


Challenges for adults with autism spectrum disorder during corona crisis

  • Short description: to assess the needs and challenges of adults with an autism spectrum disorder
  • Target group: adults from Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, both with and without autism spectrum disorder


Your well-being and relationships during the corona period

  • Short description: an investigation into possible stress that the coronavirus entails and how this has an impact on our well-being and our relationships.
  • Target group: all adults in Belgium and the Netherlands
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Our mental health during the corona pandemic

  • Short description: a questionnaire to map out how we deal with corona-related stress, anxiety or feelings of depression.
  • Target group: all adults
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