Global Change Ecology hosts two workshops for Studio Stem

Introduction: The Global Change Ecology Centre participated again in Studio Stem, an initiative that gives third graders from secondary schools the opportunity to join workshops organised by the Faculty of Sciences.

On Friday February 2nd, students of the 5th year of the Deurne Atheneum visited for the workshop “A changing world: from rising water to bioplastic”. Under the guidance of Niels Van Putte , Ken Schoutens and Eric Struyf , the student actively engaged in experiments on climate change (showing how CO2 captures warmth and acidifies water) and on flooding and tsunami’s (see picture and movie). They made their own bioplastic, and were encouraged to think about the the plastic problem.

On Monday February 5th, the workshop “Animals with a character: can one measure animal behaviour?” took placed, guided by Bram Vanden Broecke , who was visited by a Dutch school, the Technasium Goese. The workshop showed how you can analyse an animal’s character, and how it differs between different individuals, just as for humans.

The little Lego people are well protected against a tsunami behind a vegetated wetland; without the wetland however...

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