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Health - Research Management - 28.07.2023

Health - 06.06.2023
#BOARD23 - Turning the spotlight on animal research at the university
On 15 June, the European Animal Research Association (EARA) is organising the third edition of the -Be Open About Animal Research Day- (#BOARD23).

Health - 06.06.2023
New UZ Brussel high-tech ambulance in service for inter-hospital transport
A premature baby requiring urgent transport to a specialist neonatal intensive care unit. A 60-year-old suffering a sudden stroke in need of neurosurgical intervention.

Health - 28.04.2023
New advanced ankle-foot prosthesis from VUB spinoff also works properly with flat battery
VUB spin-off Axiles Bionics has received a European subsidy of 2.5 million from the EIC Accelerator Programme to develop a new generation of bionic feet.

Health - Pharmacology - 27.04.2023
Clinnova to Launch Precision Medicine Initiative Across Europe
Inaugurating a new initiative to foster AI-driven precision medicine via data federation, standardisation, and interoperability.

Health - 17.04.2023
VUB professor to follow final year of 280 people for better understanding of end of life
VUB professor Lara Pivodic has been awarded a prestigious European Research Council Starting Grant for a five-year project that will study how the health and wellbeing of older people changes as they approach the end of their lives.

Health - Career - 06.04.2023
Presscuff: new spin-off from VUB and UZ Brussel develops tube to reduce pneumonia risk during prolonged artificial ventilation
During artificial ventilation in intensive care, a ventilation tube is inserted into the patient's throat, taking air directly to the lungs.

Career - Health - 30.03.2023

Life Sciences - Health - 28.02.2023
Rare disease day 2023: Surprises & challenges in rare disease research
On Rare Disease Day 2023, Prof. Carole Linster from the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) of the University of Luxembourg reflects on her team's work on metabolite repair disorders, a subset of the over 7,000 rare diseases identified to date. Most of these diseases have a genetic background, and an estimated 300 million people globally are affected, including 30,000 in Luxembourg alone.

Health - 22.12.2022
Alarming rates of burnout among teachers over the long-term following COVID-19 pandemic
A study carried out among 2,167 teachers in Flemish secondary schools has shown that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed additional burden on teaching staff, leading to significantly more stress and anxiety.

Health - 10.10.2022
VUB and UHasselt start major research into treatment of mental and physical pain after breast cancer
October is breast cancer awareness month New treatment tackles sense of injustice The most common complaints after breast cancer are fatigue and pain, which have a major impact on the quality of life of cancer survivors. Persistent complaints after treatment also create a sense of injustice. As mental and physical complaints are often related, negative feelings can even reinforce pain, causing a vicious circle.

Life Sciences - Health - 20.09.2022
More maths, fewer mice: web tool helps reduce lab animal use
In clinical efficacy trials for medical treatments, mathematical corrections are often used during the course of the study to optimise the number of participating patients.

Health - Life Sciences - 16.09.2022
Ghent University and VIB open new research building with unique BioSafety Level 3 facility for airborne pathogens
Ghent University and VIB open new research building with unique BioSafety Level 3 facility for airborne pathogens
To meet the increasing demand for customized lab infrastructure, VIB (Flanders' leading life sciences institute) and Ghent University have opened a new research building at the Tech Lane Ghent Science Park in Zwijnaarde.

Health - Research Management - 06.09.2022
Ghent University researcher wins ERC Proof of Concept Grant
Ghent University researcher wins ERC Proof of Concept Grant
Ghent University researcher Mo Lamkanfi wins an ERC Proof of Concept Grant. With this grant, he aims to identify new anti-inflammatories that could be used in gout, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis.

Career - Health - 25.07.2022
Alternative workers fill gaps in formal care offering
Alternative care workers are undervalued in the current care system, according to VUB PhD candidate Sylvia Hoens.

Health - Life Sciences - 31.05.2022
4.7 million for new research infrastructure at VUB
Vice-rector for Research Karin Vanderkerken: -For excellent scientific research you need excellent equipment. Tuesday, May 31, 2022 — The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is investing 4.7 million in new research equipment. Ensuring an optimal research environment is one of the most important aims of VUB's research policy.

Life Sciences - Health - 26.04.2022
Six KU Leuven researchers receive ERC Advanced Grant
Six KU Leuven researchers receive ERC Advanced Grant
The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded its Advanced Grants for ground-breaking research. Six KU Leuven researchers are among this year's recipients: Peter Carmeliet, Giselinde Kuipers, Diether Lambrechts, Erik Smolders, Patrik Verstreken, and Johan Wagemans.

Health - 28.02.2022
Nanobodies to target Parkinson’s disease
Alternatives to animal testing on the rise VUB, Sciensano, Flanders and Brussels call on scientists to share expertise on alternative testing methods via RE-Place platform Monday, February 28, 2022 V

Health - Sport - 16.02.2022

Health - Pharmacology - 09.02.2022
VUB Hematology and UZ Brussel win prizes
The Hematology-Immunology research group at VUB and the Hematology department UZ Brussel have received three awards for their research into better treatment of blood cancer.

Health - Pharmacology - 03.02.2022
Better communication should lead to more appropriate care for young cancer patients
"The goal is to improve communication between young cancer patients (between 10 and 18 years old), their parents and the medical staff, and thereby also optimise care," says Anne van Driessche, third

Health - Pharmacology - 03.02.2022
Researchers study partial failure of immunotherapy
The teams of VUB professors Bart Neyns, Sandra Tuyaerts and Karine Breckpot will join research groups from UCL, Bordet Institute and ULB in their search for factors that explain why current immunotherapies fail in all patients.

Health - Sport - 02.02.2022
Just Move becomes bigger, greener and more sustainable
VUB and UZ Brussel rehabilitation project for cancer patients expands thanks to Basic-Fit Delivery of machines: Wednesday 2 February, 13.

Health - Pharmacology - 01.02.2022
Helping cancer patients fulfil their desire to have children
Professors Michel De Vos and Ellen Anckaert work at UZ Brussel and are affiliated with VUB.

Health - Innovation - 16.12.2021
Radical new technology to diagnose and monitor can help millions of diabetics
Consortium of VUB and UZ Brussel receives three million European innovation grant Groundbreaking research in diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes receives grant of three million euro.

Environment - Health - 20.10.2021
Highest mortality risk due to air pollution exposure in Brussels in deprived neighbourhoods
Promoting healthy urban environments is an overarching goal of today's city planners and policy makers.
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