’I care about understanding the human condition better’

Interview with Vivi Touloumidi - PhD at ARIA

'I care about understanding the human condition better. Finding ways of application. Articulate better questions and throw new questions to the already existing cultural production to distill new readings.' - Vivi Touloumidi

Vivi Touloumidi was born and studied in Athens before continuing her jewelry education in Germany and Canada. She holds an MFA from Konstfack University, in Stockholm. Since 2010, her work has been exhibited internationally in several curated gallery and museum shows. She is interested in exploring jewelry as a multifaceted cultural phenomenon and in its manifestations of the human condition, while taking into consideration today’s social challenges. Understanding the cosmos of jewelry is her way of negotiating and commenting on society and history. Touloumidi is currently a PhD fellow at the University of Antwerp and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp where she is also a lecturer.

Link: https://www.rondopilot.org/­post/vivi-­touloumidi