Jump-start for the Young Universities for the Future of Europe

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, YUFE is off to a flying start with a range of online academic programmes starting from the 2020/21 academic year, allowing you to still study abroad!

This summer, YUFE will open its virtual doors for registration for the YUFE Introduction Offer. As the name reveals, the YUFE Introduction Offer is a teaser of what YUFE can offer to students. Through the YUFE Introduction Offer, a limited number of students (who are already enrolled at a YUFE university as at least a second-year bachelor’s student) can take a maximum of two online YUFE Academic Courses and one online YUFE Activity. This sneak peek into the YUFE Student Journey can be a stand-alone activity or it can serve as a stepping stone to the complete YUFE Diploma Supplement Track, which will be launched later in the upcoming academic year.

Link: https://yufe.eu/students/

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