Kop op coffee mug! New Ghent University coffee mug available now

Nieuwe koffietas kop opNieuwe koffietas kop op

This new coffee mug is an ode to the resilience of all UGent’ers. We held our chin up (= kop op) during 2020!

2020 has been a bombshell of a year but the UGent’ers kept their chin up. In honor of this resilience and of the black brew that allowed us to stick our chin out, the Ghent University Shop proudly presents their new line of coffee mugs.

You want to impress your Belgian friends and coworkers with some tongue-in-cheek Dutch so you always have something to wag your chin about? Get this: Kop op means ’chin up’ but kop also means ’mug’!

Seriously, you couldn’t think of a better coffee container to help you think clearly when you’re up to your chin in whatever the second half of this year still has in store for us. We really mean that, it isn’t just chin music.

The mug is available in our online shop and the shop at the Rectoraat for the reasonable price of 5,95.

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