Luxembourgish and Computational Linguistics

Christoph Purschke is the guest of the latest episode of Scilux, a podcast dedicated to research and technological changes in Luxembourg. He talks about the role of digital methods in the Humanities and the development of language technological solutions for Luxembourgish.

When thinking about digital tools and artificial intelligence we don’t often think of their impact on Humanities and Social Sciences. However, digital technologies have a growing role in these disciplines. Not only does the digital transformation fundamentally change the way Humanities and Social Science do research, they are also crucial in critically examining the consequences of digitisation for culture & society.

Founder of the CuCo lab , a transversal research unit for Cultural Data Science at the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences , Prof. Christoph Purschke wishes to promote and support Cultural Data Science at the University of Luxembourg. He his invited this month by SciLux and Research Luxembourg to share his research and interest for digital tools in the fourth episode of the third season of the SciLux podcast.

SciLux is a podcast dedicated to science in Luxembourg and beyond. Through each episode, the audience is invited to discover the latest scientific research and technological changes and discuss it with a scientist working in Luxembourg.

In this episode, Christoph Purschke talks about multilingualism in Luxembourg and how digital tools can help to better analyse the country’s language environment.

The episode is available on all major streaming and podcast platforms. Take your headphones out and listen to the full episode here.