Multimodality: Illusion, Performance, Experience

AIAS Joint Conference in Aarhus (24-25 October 2019): Call For Papers.

Call for Papers, deadline May 24 2019

While perception is multimodal, researchers in most disciplines have studied it through a predominantly unimodal lens. Studies that examine visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory phenomena often do so in isolation from each other, neglecting the fact that our everyday environment stimulates multiple sensory modalities simultaneously. Researching multisensory experience requires different theoretical and empirical approaches acknowledging not just concurrent but integrated modalities. Recent trends in philosophy, cognitive science, psychology, and media and performance studies indicate that researchers are starting to meet this challenge.

For researchers working in the arts, media, and technology, a better understanding of multimodality might further enrich the intermedial studies that have already risen to prominence in the past few decades. Media-archaeological and media-historical research indicates that multimodality has always been the practitioners’ working ground; artists, performers, educators, and even politicians seek to move and persuade spectators by appealing to multiple senses. These practices, too, have a long history, reaching back to nineteenthand early-twentieth century debates in the fields of pedagogy, didactics, psychology, philosophy, and theories of theater and film, oratory, and rhetoric, among others.

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