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Scientific research changes our lives and view of the world. Ghent University uses Dies Natalis to - in addition to her birthday - also celebrate research. We ask all Ghent University people and Flemish people: Which research do you find important?

Rector Rik Van de Walle gives a ’WOW’ to the Ghent plant biotechnology. He kicks off a campaign that wants to put the importance and impact of scientific research in the spotlight. In addition to the rector, various Ghent University researchers, alumni and stakeholders have recorded a video in which they give a WOW to a study they think is great.

"If I have to choose, I give my WOW to Dirk Inzé and his Ghent plant biotechnologists. Dirk’s group belongs to the absolute world top. They are able to develop plants that are resistant to diseases, which means we need fewer pesticides. They are also able to develop plants that can withstand prolonged periods of drought. Consider the food problem: how are we going to give all people access to food in the future, knowing that there are climate problems, and also knowing that the world’s population is still increasing? In other words, numerous good reasons for granting a WOW to Dirk and the Ghent plant biotechnologists. - rector Rik Van de Walle

To whom you give a WOW?

WOW praises research that made a major contribution to the life we lead and thanks research that concerns us personally, or simply praises strong examples of science.

We distribute the WOWs to all Flemish people via social media. But it cannot stop there. Ghent University invites everyone, you first, to give a WOW yourself. This is possible with a simple video message, via #WOWUGent.

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