New GOVTRUST Centre of Excellence

Our research group is involved in a new Centre of Excellence: GOVTRUST

GOVTRUST studies the dynamics, causes and effects of trust between actors in multi-level governance. It combines the expertise of UAntwerp’s law, social science and business and economics faculties to study trust in government, trust between governments and trust between public and private entities from an interdisciplinary perspective, taking into account the increasing integration of governments into multilevel systems such as the EU (see our mission statement).

GOVTRUST is comprised of researchers from the following units:

  • Research group Government and Law (Faculty of Law)
  • Research group Politics and Public Governance (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Research group Media, ICT and interpersonal relations in Organisations in Society (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • The Antwerp Center for Evolutionary Demography (ACED) (Faculty of Business and Economics)