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History / Archeology - Philosophy - 22.03.2022
Book launch: The History of Atheism in Belgium
The new VUB research group Secular Studies Association Brussels (SSAB) is hosting, with the Humanistisch Verbond, an online presentation of the book The History of Atheism in Belgium, edited by Dr Christoph De Spiegeleer and Patrice Dartevelle and published by Liberas.

History / Archeology - Philosophy - 04.03.2022

Philosophy - 05.07.2019
The International Crisis in Taxation: A Critical Analysis
This doctoral dissertation investigates from a philosophical point of view the contemporary crisis in international tax law. In the past decades it has become clear how multinational corporations, and persons of considerable wealth, are organizing and planning their taxes to pay as little as possible.

Philosophy - Linguistics / Literature - 05.10.2017