Podcast: Parliamentary democracy in Europe and Luxembourg

2023 is a crucial year marked by two significant elections in Luxembourg. The municipal elections in June and the legislative elections in October. On its latest episode, SciLux podcast welcome Professor Anna-Lena Högenauer to discuss parliamentary democracy in Europe and Luxembourg.

Luxembourg will be heading to the polls this Sunday for the municipal elections. Residents will be able to vote directly for the councillors who will represent their interests and shape municipal policy.

The municipal election are not the only one happening this year in Luxembourg. After the local election, the legislative elections will be held in October.

Professor Anna-Lena Högenauer , Deputy Head of the Insitute of Political Science and Course Director of the Master in European Governance at the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences was invited on the latest episode of the SciLux podcast to explain the role of the Luxembourg Parliament and explore the broader landscape of governance at the European level.

To gain a deeper understanding of the roles and dynamics that shape the Luxembourgish and the EU policies, listen to the full episode here.

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