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Research Management - Politics - 14.03.2023

Politics - 06.12.2022
VUB-Phd: French Revolution era clause prevented extradition in Catalan case
During the French Revolution, the idea arose that a political crime was not an argument for extraditing a person to another state.

Politics - 10.01.2022
Flemish Government Renews Support for United Nations University Institute in Bruges Addressing Multi-Level Governance Challenges
Memorandum of Understanding between the Flemish Government, the United Nations University, UGent and VUB The Flemish Government has reaffirmed its commitment to the United Nations University Institut

Politics - Social Sciences - 05.02.2021

Politics - 25.06.2020
5 Tips on How To Handle Tension and Conflict at Work
It is essential that we deal with conflict constructively. In the context of restarting on-campus work, we would like to offer you some tips.

Politics - 22.02.2020
"It’s much more meaningful to connect people in an open-ended way than to just start communicating about what you’ve found at the end of your research."
Interview with Julie Carlier, co-ordinator of the interdisciplinary research consortium Ghent Centre for Global Studies.

Politics - 25.11.2018
Why lobbying is not always an obscure activity
Iskander De Bruycker (UAntwerp) analyzed whether media attention helps lobby groups. Brussels houses about 15 000 lobby organisations, which employ over 30 000 lobbyists.

Economics - Politics - 10.01.2018
What can we do about forced labour?
Introduction: Neil Howard (UAntwerp) and other researchers from Beyond Trafficking and Slavery, an organisation that studies labour exploitation, are proposing new policy interventions to tackle previously unaddressed root causes of exploitative work conditions.

Politics - 04.10.2017
Art capital Brussels lands in Berlin
We are pleased to inform you about the opening of the Brussels exposition Gemischte Gefühle in Berlin that will take place at the historic airfield Tempelhof.