Professor Calderbank about recent developments in Quantum Computing

The lecture will take place on Thursday, 15 February at 16:00. The place of venue is the U-Residence building of the Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Etterbeek, Brussels.

Quantum Computing is finally at its breakthrough. “Quantum supremacy” is talk of the town. It will probably not be that long before a quantum computer can carry out a task beyond the means of today’s best classical supercomputers. You soon might forget all about bits and start thinking in qubits or quantum bits.

Mathematician Prof. Calderbank from Duke University is an important theoreticus in the fast moving field of this Quantum Computing. Together with Peter Shor and colleagues at AT&T Labs Calderbank developed the group theoretic framework for quantum error correction. This framework changed the way physicists view quantum entanglement, and provided the foundation for fault tolerant quantum computation.

Calderbank is married to VUB’s most famous alumna Ingrid Daubechies,one of the world’s most cited mathematicians recognized for her study of the mathematical methods that enhance image-compression technology.

About the Francqui Chair

The Francqui Foundation invites Belgian or non-Belgian scientists for stays at Belgian universities, where they participate in the scientific life and provide specialized teaching, the so called “Francqui Chairs”. The Francqui Foundation was founded in 1932 by Emile Francqui and Herbert Hoover with the goal "to further the development of higher education and scientific research in Belgium".

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