Sarah Kuypers obtains PhD

    -     Nederlands
Sarah Cuypers (UAntwerp) successfully defended her doctoral research results on 5 December 2018.

Sarah Kuypers performed her PhD research under the supervision of Dr.- Gerlinde Verbist and Prof Ive Marx.

In her research, Sarah Kuypers analyses the joint distribution of income and wealth and its applications to the analysis of poverty, inequality and redistribution. In particular four main research questions are addressed and answered:

  • 1) How are the distributions of wealth and income related?
  • 2) How to use the available data and methods for the joint analysis of income and wealth?
  • 3) How can information on both economic resources be combined for the measurement of poverty, inequality and redistribution?
  • 4) How can the results of the latter influence the evaluation and design of specific fiscal and social policies (e.g. wealth taxes)?


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