Spin-off Hysopt raises 1.9 million euros in capital increase

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Introduction: Hysopt, an Antwerp start-up and spin-off of the University of Antwerp, has strengthened its capital position.

The angel investor Karl Willemen, investment fund Qbic and a strategic partner have given a major boost to the growth of the company. Hysopt is already successful in Belgium and the Netherlands as a provider of unique design and simulation software for large heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations. The company wants to use the additional resources to continue expanding internationally in the HVAC sector.

The cloud software from Hysopt enables technical designers of construction clients, engineering consultancies and installation companies to design large HVAC installations more accurately than before. The result is energy-efficient installations that can potentially deliver more than 30% savings in energy costs and a higher level of comfort. It also means construction clients can meet the climate objectives of the governments.

Peter Van Roosbroeck, CEO of Hysopt: “We will use the investment to expand to other countries such as the UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Our focus is on customers who want sustainable installations with a high return. Our software is especially useful in the planning or renovation of hospitals, schools, residential tower blocks, business complexes and all other large buildings.”

Danny Gonnissen, investment partner at Qbic: “Society is putting increasing emphasis on designing energy-efficient buildings. Heating and cooling are major energy consumers which still offer considerable potential for savings. Hysopt enables the optimal design of HVAC installations, so that the ecological footprint of buildings is substantially reduced. With its investment, Qbic is giving this promising spin-off the opportunity to further grow into an international and indisputable player in the HVAC market.”

Link: https://www.hysopt.com/

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