Sports hall and more student housing for a vibrant campus

    -     Nederlands
UAntwerp to give parts of Campus Drie Eiken to LIFE on long-term lease.

A sports hall, a new restaurant and more student housing: all these ingredients promise to turn Campus Drie Eiken into a more vibrant place. Project developer LIFE will oversee the campus development and manage some zones on a long-term lease.

The University of Antwerp has been investing heavily in Campus Drie Eiken in Wilrijk in recent years. Two new buildings have been erected, mainly with classrooms, and the research labs in existing buildings have been fully renovated. The large auditorium on the campus will also be getting a facelift soon.

By focusing on an attractive ‘Campus 2.0’ for and by students, the University of Antwerp is gearing up for strong further growth in the coming decades


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