Tailor-made solution paves the way to more cost-efficient transport of cargo

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Spin-off Digitrans provides data-driven logistics solution for the transport sector.

DigiTrans, the latest spin-off of the University of Antwerp and imec, is operational. Its innovative technology enables transport and logistics operators to benefit from any data or information at their fingertips, in their own working environment, in the format they require and at the moment it is most useful for them. According to own estimations, the manual bundle of data for daily planning purposes costs a middle-size transport company up to EUR 150.000 per year.

Why DigiTrans’ Flexible approach

The transport sector still struggles with rigid systems, often specialized in a single task, that require a lot of manual handling, human interactions and multiple checking. Wouter Hendrickx (DigiTrans external founder) and Thomas Huybrechts (PhD researcher at University of Antwerp and imec) developed an uniform middleware solution that connects to any data source or sensors. This solution enables data to be used in existing software solutions, triggers of actions and customizable optimization algorithms. Moreover, the middleware solution is ready for future IoT and AI applications, enabling any transport company to benefit from the endless features of upcoming technologies.

Cost-effectiveness prevails

Current estimations show that a middle-size transport company, with a fleet size up to 300 trucks, can spend around EUR 150.000 a year just in manual bundling of data for day-by-day planning. On top of this amount, transport companies face even higher costs generated by inefficient planning, fines, not being aware about status of their assets or optimization opportunities. Valentin Cārlan , Sales Manager at Digitrans, is convinced that “ICT innovation can only be successful through compelling business cases that show benefits to its users. DigiTrans’ business model is to offer quick and cost-effective bridge from data to applications and charge for the added value it creates”.

DigiTrans in perfect balance

Thierry Vanelslander (Professor at University of Antwerp) and Peter Hellinckx (Professor at University of Antwerp and imec) recognize the unique expertise of DigiTrans, which strikes a “perfect balance between sector-specific knowledge in transport operations and software development expertise. This expertise is essential to anticipate bottlenecks, prioritize applications and introduce emerging connected intelligence technologies into the sector”.

DigiTrans team is open to listen to issues transport operators have and together find solutions that optimizes the use of truck, trailers, chassis or any set of assets that transport companies disposes.

Link: http://www.digitrans.io/

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