To a new Learning Management System for Ghent University (replacement of Minerva)

At Ghent University we have started a project that will lead to the implementation of a new Learning Management system (LMS) to replace Minerva.

This will take place by a tender, a procedure with a duration of approximately two years in which students and employees will be closely involved.

The goal of the tender is to move towards a future-oriented, user-friendly, intuitive and well-equipped learning environment for all students, teachers and support employees of Ghent University.

The procedure takes place in several phases. In cooperation with teachers, students and support employees a ’program of requirements’ was defined, consisting of a combination of functional and technical requirements which the LMS must offer. Simultaneously, the tender has been prepared in cooperation with the Procurement Unit (Financial Department).

The pre-selection (qualifying round) of candidates has already taken place by checking the references and the economic and financial capacity of the candidate suppliers. The candidates that met these criteria have been asked to submit an initial offer based on the full specifications which includes the program of requirements. According to the law the candidate suppliers have 40 days to reply.

After receipt of the offers the testing on user-friendliness takes place in February and March 2018, where approximately 120 students and employees will assess the products of the candidate suppliers on user-friendliness using demo environments. The result of these tests is a crucial part in the evaluation of the candidates. If a candidate doesn’t achieve enough points in this phase, the firm will be excluded from further participation in the tender.

The recruitment of students and employees for the environment testing will start shortly. We aim for a diverse group of respondents from the different faculties of Ghent University. We look forward to selecting the most suitable LMS for Ghent University together with you!

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