VANDENHOVE Center for Architecture and Arts opens its doors

On Thursday 15 February Ghent University opened the Vandenhove pavilion. This was also the start of the activities of the VANDENHOVE Center for Architecture and Arts. The building was designed by Charles Vandenhove and stands next to the Boekentoren.

The interfaculty center VANDENHOVE will use the art collection that architect Vandenhove donated to Ghent University in 2012 for the development of education, research and exhibitions in the field of architecture and arts. To this end, the center has a new building designed and donated by Charles Vandenhove.

  • ’About Support / Surfaces’, compiled by master students engineer-architect and prof. Bart Verschaffel
  • ’Charles Vandenhove, architect’, put together by prof. Guy Châtel

The Liège Architect Charles Vandenhove (1927) donated an important collection of artworks to Ghent University in 2012. He also provided the means to realize a building for the study center that will work with the collection. Vandenhove chose a site next to Henry van de Velde’s Book Tower. In the building VANDENHOVE there is a studio, an exhibition hall and an auditorium.

The Vandenhove donation is the basis of a new interfaculty research and education project at Ghent University. The Department of Arts, Music and Theater Studies (Faculty of Arts & Philosophy) and the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning (Faculty of Engineering & Architecture) will collaborate on education and research on art collections, exhibition history and exhibition architecture. In collaboration with the University Library, student exhibitions are being developed that highlight the university’s heritage.