VitriCell raises over €1 million

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The company, which moved to new premises in the GIGA tower in Liège (Belgium) last October, intends to recruit several new employees this year. VitriCell raises over ¤1 million, these funds will enable VitriCell to launch the first products based on aseptic vitrification, a new cell cryopreservation method.

FFrom February onwards, the company will offer a product that vitrifies embryos in a single 60-second step. Products currently on the market take at least seven minutes in three steps.

According to Serge Pampfer, director of WBC Incubator: "VitriCell is a new company that is going to strengthen the biotech network in the Walloon Region, particularly in the cell therapy field, where our region is ahead of the rest of Europe in terms of industry. WBC has supported the founding of the company since the completion of the research work at the University of Liège; both financially and through its network of experts and managers. VitriCell has an impressive future ahead of it, in terms of technological and economic value creation."

VitriCell also intends to invest in R&D for innovative products adapted to different sectors of the growing cell cryopreservation market. This new single-step technology, adapted to handle cells by the million and not individually as in the case of embryos, is currently undergoing validation on human cells. The process has proven quick, safe and easy to use on preclinical models, saving both time and money.

About VitriCell

VitriCell is a biotechnology company offering innovative and effective solutions for the cryopreservation of even the most sensitive cells. Its unique technology, based on aseptic vitrification in chemically defined media, enables optimal survival and safeguarding of biological properties for most, if not all, cell types currently used in biological research.

A spin-off of the University of Liège (ULiège), VitriCell was founded in June 2017 in Liege (Belgium) by Delphine Connan (PhD, DVM, CEO), Prof. Luc Grobet (Embryology ULiège) and Fabien Ectors (CSO, transgenic platform manager ULiège) with initial capital of ¤100,000 ($122K). Since its creation, VitriCell has been supported by several partners including the Walloon Region, the University of Liège, the WBC incubator and the Entreprendre Wallonie Network.

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