VUB students get their fellow students moving through Brussels

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Tuesday, April 19, 2022 — Eight students of physical education and movement science are organising the active event Sport uit uw Kot (Sport from your Dorm) on 20 and 21 April.

Organisers Tanne De Loof and Souhayb Laghmiri: "With this two-day event full of sports activities in the heart of Brussels, we want to make students enthusiastic about the benefits of regular exercise. We want to convince everyone that sport and exercise are good for mental, physical and social well-being, by linking lots of fun activities with alternative sports and fun prizes. This way, the participants hardly notice they are doing sports. We hope to help them on their way to a healthier lifestyle. And we want to put the student city of Brussels in the spotlight, and show what’s going on here!"

Throughout Brussels

The start and finish of Sport uit uw Kot is the Warande Park, where the participants receive a map with all the locations they have to visit and a number of assignments and questions. The first stop is the Congresplein, then the map leads them to the Kruidtuin, Muntplein, Vismarkt, Mehdi Boudaplein, Grote Markt, Spanjeplein and Kunstberg.

The games include a frisbee challenge, a live action Squid Game with tug of war, a karate challenge involving smashing boards in half - with dinner in a Japanese restaurant if you win - a basketball challenge, archery, climbing steps like Rocky, traditional games and more.

De Loof: "There are quite a few prizes to be won and we are also planning a competition via Instagram."


The event came about last year during the pandemic.

Laghmiri: "The corona epidemic made us realise the importance of sport. When we were sitting inside a lot, with less social contact, exercise proved to be the best way to stay healthy, not only physically but also mentally."

Sofie Smismans and Margot Ricour, researchers at the SASO/SPLISS research group: "The physical education and movement science students have to organise a sporting activity for the course on event and project management in sport. They are challenged to address social issues creatively through sport and exercise. With various partners - notably Sport Brussel, KU Leuven, Luca School of Arts and Odisee - the Sport uit uw Kot team tries to emphasise the physical, social and mental benefits of sport and exercise."


Where: Warande Park, 1000 Brussels

When: Wednesday 20 April and Thursday 21 April. Start between 12.00 and 18.00 Register here.