Who will be ’De Strafste Gentenaar’?

Which Ghent University employee put Ghent on the map last year? Vote now and determine who can call themselves ’De Strafste Gentenaar 2018’ on 11 March. You can vote until 4 March!

Nominees in the Academic category

Professor Koen De Bosschere

The driving force behind DO! (Durf Ondernemen) , the center of expertise for entrepreneurship at Ghent University) and numerous related initiatives supported by Ghent University and the City of Ghent (eg. Gentrepreneur).

Professor Jacques van Keymeulen

The last dialectologist. Professor van Keymeulen is promoter of the project ’Dictionary of the Flemish Dialects’. The dictionaray has been collecting the dialect vocabulary of French, West, East and Zeeland Flanders for more than 40 years in a thematically set up dictionary. Since 2018 the dictionary is also available online: e-WVD.

Sylvia Van Peteghem

Nominated as a driving force behind the renovation of Boekentoren, an architectural monument where the University Library, one of the largest Flemish heritage libraries, is housed. Via the Boekentoren Bouwblog on Facebook you keep up to date with the recent building developments and you can enjoy the sometimes spectacular images that the restoration works yield.

Nominees in the Events category

Light festival

The light festival of Ghent with 37 light artworks by national and international artists attracted no less than 835.000 visitors to Ghent.

Ghent University also opened its entire register of light. More than 60,000 people visited Light in Action at the Ufo, where several Ghent University scientists, who do research into or with light, let visitors discover surprising lighting applications - interactively and with fun.

Nominees in the Culture and Media category

Lukas Dhont

Director of Oscar submission Girl

Girl was realized with the support of the Transgender Info Point and the expertise of the transgender research from Ghent University. This scientific research is of great importance for supporting more than 1.400 individuals and societal actors each year with all kinds of questions about the transgender theme. To give even better support to people such as Nora Monsecour, on whom the film ’Girl’ is inspired, you can donate a gift to the UGent transgender research.

Do you want to support? A gift is tax deductible from 40 euros.

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