Prestigious Horizon Europe grant for Prof. Francesco Viti

Associate Prof. Francesco Viti of the Department of Engineering at the University of Luxembourg has received the prestigious Horizon Europe Grant for his project -ACUMEN ( A i-aided de C ision tool for seamless m’U lti M odal n’E twork and traffic managemeNt)-.


ACUMEN proposes a generic, for advanced network management, which aims at enabling efficient and reliable door-to-door journeys for people and goods , increased safety and resilience at the network level, and to make a critical contribution to achieving the transport goals set forth in the green deal.

AI-powered digital tools supporting mobility management and decision-making will be developed by leading academic and research partners, in close cooperation with global industry partners and stakeholders.

The €5 million project will involve 21 partners from 8 countries (7 EU countries and Switzerland) and will be coordinated by Aalto University (Finland). As work package leader, the University of Luxembourg, and more specifically the MobiLab Transport Research Group of Prof. Viti at the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine , will play an important role in the implementation and management of pilots and demonstrators within the project.

The ACUMEN consortium has been formed to address a combination of technical and implementation challenges to develop and successfully launch the project as a solution for policy makers and stakeholders in transport.

On receiving the grant, Prof. Viti said, "I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work on this exciting project and to have been able to acquire such important funding. Being part of a team that includes some of the top universities in the world, such as Aalto, TU Delft, Université Gustav Eiffel, but also having brought on board other national partners like the LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology), Sales-Lentz and Luxmobility, making our country the most represented in this project, is a sign that my team, and in general Luxembourg, are becoming a consolidated and internationally recognised research environment."

About Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe (2021-2027) is one of European Union’s key funding programmes for research and innovation and has a budget of €95.5 billion.