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Taalwetenschap - 10.12
We made a list with a number of block locations. For those who want to study in silence, but still with other students...
Farmacologie - 1.12

'Kom op tegen Kanker' invested almost 19 million euro in promising cancer research projects and innovative care initiatives.

Music - 24.11

On 4, 5 and/or 6 December our university student ensembles - the choir, symphonic orchestra and harmonic orchestra - are performing.

Sociale wetenschappen - 18.11
Sociale wetenschappen

From 18 November to 23 November 2019, Vice-Rector Mieke Van Herreweghe and a delegation of other people from Ghent University will visit China.

- 24.10

Mails are circulating within Ghent University with a virus attached. Be extra alert and never open attachments to mails if you have doubts about the origin. Specifically, it concerns Word documents as an attachment, eg DKMNT_2019_G_1134375.doc.

Biowetenschappen - 26.11

Researchers from VIB-Ghent Universitiy Center for Medical Biotechnology and other collaborators, developed a novel approach to better understand a basic defense mechanism of our immune system. Central is ISG15, a small protein with a role in the immune system.

Academic Rankings - 20.11

This year, Ghent University has 23 researchers with Highly Cited status. Two more than last year, and no less than half of all frequently quoted scientists associated with Flemish universities. The list is classified by discipline, but there is also a cross-field category.

Agronomie - 30.10

During the 'Faculty Road Show' from 25 until 29 November we're bringing the Ghent University sweater to your faculty.

Inovatie - 18.10

CESAER is the European association of more than 50 leading, specialized and comprehensive universities of science and technology that champion excellence in higher education, training, research and innovation.


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Biowetenschappen - 13.12
Biowetenschappen - 06.12
Postdoctoral researcher
Computer Science/Telecom - 28.11
PhD Candidate
Psychologie - 28.11
Predoctoral researcher
Milieu - 28.11
Postdoctoral fellow

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