Life Sciences - Jun 27
Older people have trouble understanding speech, even if their hearing is fine. That's one of the conclusions of a new study by the Research Group Experimental Oto-rhino-laryngology (ExpORL) of KU Leuven. The results underline the importance of tests to measure if people with seemingly normal hearing have really understood a message.
Environment - Jun 12

A new study finds that climate has affected the risk of armed conflict. Though other drivers of violence were found to be substantially more influential, as global temperatures continue to rise, the changing climate is expected to further amplify the risk of conflict.

Life Sciences - Jun 11

Predicting what someone's face looks like based on a DNA sample remains a hard nut to crack for science. It is, however, getting easier to use such a sample to filter the right face from a face database, as an international team led by KU Leuven has shown.

Pharmacology - Jun 12

A team of researchers led by KU Leuven virologist Johan Neyts have discovered a new feature of so-called picornaviruses that may allow for the development of new antiviral medications for the common cold, polio, and other illnesses.

- Jun 5

The Lancet reports on a unique polio studio by the University of Antwerp Findings from the first-in-human study of a new polio vaccine - novel oral polio vaccine, or nOPV - reported in The Lancet this week are promising.

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