Medicine and Life Sciences

Once upon a time, there was a cerebral blood vessel...

Health - Apr 4

A ULB team has discovered how blood vessels in the brain are formed and how they differ from other vessels in the body. A major breakthrough that could lead to new therapeutic approaches . Cardiovascular disease, including myocardial infarction and stroke, is the world's leading cause of death, claiming around 18 million lives a year.

Health - Apr 4

Stool transplantation shows promise for Parkinson’s disease


Dr. Arnout Bruggeman (VIB-UGent-UZ Gent), Prof. Debby Laukens (UGent), Prof. Roosmarijn Vandenbroucke (VIB-UGent) en Prof.

Health - Mar 7

Taking women’s bodies into account: the impact of the menstrual cycle and contraception on sports performance


Researcher Marine Carpentier (Laboratoire de physiologie cardio-respiratoire l'effort) tackles a blind spot in motor science research: the influence of the menstrual cycle and hormonal contraception on sports performance.

Health - Mar 26

XCT protein is key link in inhibiting pancreatic cancer growth and limiting mood disturbances


VUB researchers show xCT protein is key link in inhibiting pancreatic cancer growth and limiting mood disturbances.

Life Sciences - Feb 29

A mechanism for healthy brain development

Life Sciences

Scientists at UCLouvain have discovered that the balance between two proteins plays a decisive role in brain development. The study is published in the American Association for the Advancement of Science's (AAAS) prestigious journal Science Advances .

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