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Environment - Jul 20
Researchers from the bio-economics department at the KU Leuven investigated the effects of trade on hunger in the world as a result of climate change. The conclusion is clear: international trade can relieve regional food shortages and reduce hunger, particularly where protectionist measures and other barriers to trade are eliminated.   Climate change has consequences for agriculture worldwide, with clear differences between regions.
Health - Jul 9

The world is eagerly awaiting one or more vaccines to protect us against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We will only be able to fully resume our lives when we are immune to the infection.

Innovation - Jul 8

A couple of months ago, when corona was still mostly known as a brand of beer, Rector Luc Sels and Vice Rector Peter Lievens travelled to Australia with a KU Leuven delegation.

Health - Jun 19

The measles virus may have emerged as early as the 6 th century BCE, an international team of researchers reports.

Physics - May 27

At the European nuclear and particle physics laboratory CERN, physicists can produce extremely rare short-lived atoms and molecules.

Pharmacology - Jul 9

Virologists at the Rega Institute at KU Leuven (Belgium) have developed a vaccine candidate that protects hamsters from infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Pharmacology - Jul 3

Breast cancer patients who are overweight or obese might benefit less from treatment with docetaxel, a common chemotherapy drug, than lean patients.

Physics - Jun 18

Plasma astrophysicists at KU Leuven have created the first self-consistent simulation of the physical processes that occur during a solar flare.

Environment - May 26

Hydropower plants can support solar and wind power, rather unpredictable by nature, in a climate-friendly manner.

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