Life Sciences

Wide variation in brain cells makes octopus brain even more complex than thought. For the first time, researchers are mapping the different cell types found in octopus brains. Because of these animals' amazing ability to think, it should come as no surprise that their brain cells exhibit similar properties to the known neurons and glia in other animals.

Chemistry - Nov 29

A new type of selectivity to better describe reactivity in organic chemistry has been conceptualized. Researchers from the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry (LCO - ULB) have published their work in Cell Reports Physical Science.

Health - Nov 23

Regular exercise may protect pancreatic beta cells from stresses that contribute to diabetes. Researchers from the ULB Center for Diabete Research observed this in a study published in Diabetologia

The Department of Social Sciences contributed to a large-scale replication study that aimed to understand the role of decisions scientists make during the research process. Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study highlights the importance of Open Science and collaboration among scientists.

Psychology - Nov 22

Inhibition, mental set shifting, and memory updating are related to math skills in preschool children. These meta-analytic findings from a research project led by the Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing and the University of Oslo were published in the Psychological Bulletin.

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