Life Sciences - Feb 23
Life Sciences

Chronic liver disease is a serious global health problem that has a severe impact on personal quality of life. A major characteristic of chronic liver disease is liver fibrosis, where certain liver cells, called hepatic stellate cells, become activated and produce scar tissue that damages the liver. At present, no specific drugs are available to treat this condition, partly because we know too little about the activation process for the stellate cells, and no specific targets have been identified to date.

Physics - Feb 19

Researchers from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Riga Technical University and the MESA+ Institute at the Un

Earth Sciences

What exactly happens during and immediately after the impact of a meteorite? That was the question posed by a team of geologists from the research

Health - Feb 9

Death and the process of dying are increasingly the remit of clinical and medical professionals, creating a cultural and social distance.

Health - Jan 16

KU Leuven researchers discover how to break the negative feedback loop to improve cancer immunotherapy. Over the past years, immunotherapy has improved the outlook for many cancer patients.

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