Social Sciences - Oct 13
Better student jobs bring more satisfaction and less negative effects on academic results. Students are increasingly taking on jobs while they are at university, including many VUB students. Since a relaxation of the regulations on student work in 2017, the number of hours of student work and the number of students with one or more jobs has steadily increased.
Health - Oct 6

Researchers at the KU Leuven Rega Institute and CD3 have developed an ultrapotent inhibitor of the dengue virus, which causes the tropical disease known as dengue. The teams collaborated closely with Janssen Pharmaceutica, N.V. The antiviral molecule is exceptionally effective against all known dengue variants and could be used for therapeutic and prevention purposes. The teams have published their findings in Nature.

Environment - Sep 27

VUB led Science publication shows how climate change is disproportionally affecting children. International research led by Prof. Wim Thiery of the VUB research group BCLIMATE shows that children are to face disproportionate increases in lifetime extreme event exposure - especially in low-income countries.

Environment - Oct 4

A team of scientists from KU Leuven, UAntwerp and Ghent University have mapped the temperatures of all European forest tracts. The results show that the summer temperatures in certain forests can cool down by as much as 10C compared to the surrounding area. This cooling function is important in the battle against climate change.

Social Sciences - Sep 21

In recent years, more and more inter-country adoptees have been raising questions about their history and the adoption procedure. A damning report in the Netherlands has called for the practice to be discontinued. Commissioned by the Flemish government, VUB scientists and researchers from UGent and UAntwerp conducted research on errors, injustices and malpractices in inter-country adoption and have now presented their final findings in seven reports.

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