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Life Sciences - Aug 22
Can animal personality affect infection probability? The more people surrounding you, the more likely you are to get infected with some kind of virus, such as a simple cold or even the flu. In humans it seems quite logic that the most social people have therefore the largest chance to attract an infection… But what about animals' Can animal personality affect infection probability?
Physics - Aug 19

UAntwerp researchers from the CMT group, Dr Jonas Bekaert and Prof Milorad Milosevic, in collaboration with Swedish researchers have predicted that a atomically thin layer of hydrogen will boost the critical temperature of a thin superconductor to above a hundred kelvin.

Innovation - Aug 6

YERUN has joined efforts again with more than a dozen European organisations to call for an ambitious Horizon Europe budget that would invest in excellent, cross-border research and innovation (R&I). This investment is essential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and to build a prosperous future for European society.

Architecture - Jul 9

The database Building Types Online is temporarily available until 9 August 2019 for evaluation purposes. The database Building Types Online is a resource for the study and practice of architectural design.

Innovation - Jul 3

Spin-off Digitrans provides data-driven logistics solution for the transport sector. DigiTrans, the latest spin-off of the University of Antwerp and imec, is operational.

Environment - Aug 19

A new study shows that in multiple animal species climate change causes changes in the life cycle, e.g. the timing of the egg hatching, or adaptations in their morphology, e.g. body size.

Physics - Jul 18

Consortium presents plans for a high-tech observatory for gravity waves If it's up to a consortium of Belgian, German and Dutch universities and research institutions, the coming years will be marked by intensive construction of the Einstein Telescope in Dutch Limburg, 200-300 metres beneath the earth's crust.

Philosophy - Jul 5

This doctoral dissertation investigates from a philosophical point of view the contemporary crisis in international tax law. In the past decades it has become clear how multinational corporations, and persons of considerable wealth, are organizing and planning their taxes to pay as little as possible.

Law - Jun 28

Daniel Ogunniyi successfully defended his PhD on International Law and Child Labour in Nigeria. On the 27th of June 2019, dr. Daniel Ogunniyi successfully defended his PhD entitled "International Law and Child Labour in Nigeria: Specific Challenges and Alternative Normative Standards".

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