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Health - Aug 5
During the lockdown, 26% fewer patients were admitted to Belgian hospitals following a heart attack. "Patients were more reluctant to go to the hospital, but on the upside, people got to unwind and relax more, resulting in fewer heart problem", says cardiologist Marc Claeys (UZA/UAntwerp). With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, many physicians sounded the alarm in the media: they feared that people with problems unrelated to COVID-19 would put off going to their doctor or even the emergency room out of fear of becoming infected with the virus.
Health - Jul 28

The Khalid Iqbal Lifetime Achievement Award USA is presented to Professor Christine Van Broeckhoven in recognition of a distinguished career in Alzheimer's disease research. The Khalid Iqbal Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes researchers who have made significant, fundamental contributions to Alzheimer's research.

Materials Science - Jun 29

Pieter Billen explains in Knack how we should keep demanding more sustainable packaging materials, yet not be unrealistic about the timing, and certainly be careful when replacing plastics with other materials.

Economics - Jun 23

Deltaray, a spin-off of Antwerp University and imec is taking quality control to the next level with the introduction of its 'Accelerated 3D XRAY' technology. Deltaray's solution allows manufacturers to inspect products for possible defects up to 100 times faster and with a much finer granularity (up to 50 microns).

Innovation - Jun 2

New imec and UAntwerp spin-off could be a game changer for online clothes shopping. Online shopping from the comfort of your own home has been on the rise for years, and this trend has been further amplified by the coronavirus pandemic.

Chemistry - Jul 13

The library offers a subscription to the entire package of journals of The American Chemical Society. Access is from 1996 onwards. ACS journals are available through the UAntwerp catalogue and via the blue UAntwerp button in bibliographic databases.

Physics - Jun 25

The EMAT group of Sara Bals leads unveils the 3D structure or novel helical gold nanoparticles synthesised for the first time in a collaboration with Prof. L. Liz-Marzan from CICBioMagune (Spain).

Environment - Jun 3

Caterpillars can consume plastics, but it is not a magic solution. Caterpillars can consume plastics! Back in 2017, the world was getting to know this extraordinary phenomenon by global news coverage of findings of Bombelli et al.

Event - Jun 2

Antwerp Tax Academy asked for unhindered access to Fisconetplus. The data protection authority follows the position of Antwerp Tax Academy. Antwerp Tax Academy asked for unhindered access to Fisconetplus.

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