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Politics - Jan 17
University of Antwerp to hold rector elections in March. It is now safe to say that Herman Van Goethem will be serving a second term as rector of the University of Antwerp. The deadline for candidates to submit their applications was Friday, 17 January 2020.
Chemistry - Jan 16

Antwerp toxicologists test for levels of hazardous organic chemicals. The range of food products containing edible insects is growing steadily. Like any other food product, they need to be checked for their levels of hazardous organic chemicals.

Life Sciences - Jan 9

Antwerp scientists break new ground with biological research into BDSM mechanisms. People who engage in BDSM experience positive stress responses which can be compared to what's known as the 'runner's high'.

Pharmacology - Dec 31, 2019

Antwerp and Ghent scientists discover new drug for deadly disease. Antwerp and Ghent scientists have discovered a new drug against African 'sleeping sickness'. "This disease seems to be on its way out, but it is still very useful to have a new drug to fall back on, because we can't rule out another sudden upswing ", says Prof. Guy Caljon (UAntwerp).

Health - Dec 19, 2019

Wednesday 18 December saw the official inauguration of the Antwerp Biobank, a joint UZA/UAntwerp project. The biobank is invaluable in terms of scientific research and medical progress. The brand-new Antwerp Biobank processes and stores a wide range of high-quality human bodily material.

Materials Science - Jan 14

Researchers at the University of Manchester in collaboration with CMT theorists (M. Andelkovic, S. Milovanovic, L. Covaci and F. Peeters) have uncovered interesting phenomena when multiple two-dimensional materials are combined into van der Waals heterostructures (layered 'sandwiches' of different materials).

Microtechnics - Jan 7

Flemish, Dutch and German researchers discover bioinspired signs to make robot navigation more efficient. Sonar is essential for robots and self-driving cars as it is a very cost-effective sensor for distance measurements, but sonar also has some limitations.

Environment - Dec 20, 2019

UAntwerp researchers counting on citizens' help to map plastic pollution. Unfortunately, plastic waste is a common sight on the Scheldt and its banks. But now you might see more and more neon yellow items popping up.

Pharmacology - Dec 16, 2019

A Europe-wide study conducted over three flu seasons finds that the antiviral drug Tamiflu can help people recover from flu-like illness about one-day sooner on average. Published today in The Lancet, the European Commission-funded ‘ALIC4E' study was led by the Universities of Oxford (UK) and Utrecht (The Netherlands).

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