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Agronomy - Oct 30
During the 'Faculty Road Show' from 25 until 29 November we're bringing the Ghent University sweater to your faculty. Buy yours at a 10 euro discount! Faculty Road Show from 25 until 29 November Looking to buy a Ghent University sweater or is yours ready for replacement? From 25 until 29 November we're bringing the Ghent University sweater to your faculty, with a pop-up shop during our 'Faculty Road Show'.
- Oct 24

Mails are circulating within Ghent University with a virus attached. Be extra alert and never open attachments to mails if you have doubts about the origin. Specifically, it concerns Word documents as an attachment, eg DKMNT_2019_G_1134375.doc.

Physics - Oct 8

Researchers from the Photonics Research Group (imec, Ghent University) and MIT have integrated single photon emitters in 2D layered materials with a Silicon Nitride photonic chip.

Environment - Oct 4

From 1 to 6 October, Rector Rik Van de Walle is visiting Ecuador together with a delegation from Ghent University. We've listed some of the trip's highlights below. Ghent University and Ecuador - As a pluralistic and socially committed institution, Ghent University has always been a pioneer in the field of internationalisation within higher education.

Environment - Aug 20

Heatwaves are the deadliest natural disaster in Europe and have become increasingly frequent and intense in recent years.

Innovation - Oct 18

CESAER is the European association of more than 50 leading, specialized and comprehensive universities of science and technology that champion excellence in higher education, training, research and innovation.

Chemistry - Oct 4

Prof. Van Speybroek highlighted as one of the strong Women of Catalysis The ChemCatChem journal, one of the premier journals in the field of catalysis, highlights the strong contributions of women-lead research groups in Catalysis Science.

Career - Sep 3

Today the European Research Council (ERC) announced the names of the European scientists winning a Starting Grant. Three Ghent University researchers win an ERC Starting Grant. Three new ERC Starting grants at Ghent University EU awards grants worth ¤621 million to early-career researchers from over 50 countries.

Physics - Jul 26

By stabilizing perovskites -man-made crystals that can convert sunlight into electricity- they absorb sunlight and can be used in efficient solar panels.

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