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Event - 21.11.2021

Innovation - Environment - 18.11.2021
Smart Village Lab helps accelerate energy transition in Flanders and Europe
Zellik, 18 November 2021 - With a push of the virtual button, Flemish minister of economy and innovation Hilde Crevits today launched the Smart Village Lab.

Event - Astronomy / Space Science - 10.11.2021

Environment - Health - 20.10.2021
Highest mortality risk due to air pollution exposure in Brussels in deprived neighbourhoods
Promoting healthy urban environments is an overarching goal of today's city planners and policy makers.

Campus - Career - 15.10.2021

History / Archeology - 11.10.2021
Arab philosophy from the 18th century onwards misunderstood
VUB research into why and how Arab thinkers disappeared from European philosophy canon Arab philosophy has had an enormous influence on Western thought.

Pharmacology - Campus - 22.09.2021

Campus - Environment - 14.09.2021

Sport - 14.09.2021
Researches social value of Paralympic Games
Belgians proud of Paralympic medals and consider Paralympians role models for everyone The Belgian population believes that the Paralympic Games and performances are important and should be given att

Environment - 06.09.2021
Airbnb market in Brussels
Airbnb claims that it enables people to let their room or house sporadically to tourists and expats and that this allows travelers to experience the more authentic, non-touristic neighborhoods of a city.

Health - Innovation - 18.08.2021
Post-COVID recovery: Flanders invests heavily in KU Leuven research infrastructure
Post-COVID recovery: Flanders invests heavily in KU Leuven research infrastructure
No fewer than six projects of KU Leuven will receive substantial financial support as part of the post-COVID recovery plan of the Flemish Government, called 'Flemish Resilience'.

Linguistics / Literature - Event - 09.08.2021

Environment - 28.07.2021
Shift in favour of transition from nuclear energy
Social scientist studies evolution in public discourse and reaction to nuclear accidents The role of nuclear power in the Belgian energy system has caused controversy for nearly five decades.

Health - Pharmacology - 26.07.2021
Majority favour Covid vaccination
Flemish are more positive about vaccine than Walloons; half of non-vaccinated people do not want to be vaccinated The Vrije Universiteit Brussel and VUB spin-off iCense conducted a survey among Belgians to find out people's reasons for choosing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 or not.

Environment - Campus - 02.07.2021
Art embraces Nature
Two new discovery tours on the VUB campus: Humanistic Sculpture Park & Living Campus Walk This summer, the main campus of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel boasts two more trails.

Health - Pharmacology - 23.06.2021
ETheRNA and VUB expand strategic collaboration to engineer next generation mRNA therapeutics with TetraMix
Extension to proven TriMix adjuvant technology intended to boost dendritic cell activation eTheRNA immunotherapies NV ('eTheRNA', Niel, Belgium ), a clinical-stage company developing mRNA-based immun

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 20.06.2021
Young refugees clash with structures
VUB research exposes difficulties for young newcomers in Belgium June 20 is World Refugee Day For his doctoral research, Minne Huysman, of the VUB's adult educational sciences department, followed 122 young newcomers who sought protection in Belgium in the summer of 2015.

Architecture - Innovation - 14.06.2021
VUB Architectural Engineering publishes circular school design guide
'Schools for the future' offers sustainable answer to education capacity issues With the increasing population, the education sector is facing a shortage of school buildings.

Life Sciences - 08.06.2021
Coral larvae dispersal determines the best place for marine reserves
VUB research on coral reefs aims to protect ocean rainforests 8 June is World Oceans Day Coral reefs are threatened worldwide and research is needed to protect these ocean rainforests.