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Computer Science - Apr 25
A cardboard sign with a colourful print. That's all researchers from the Faculty of Engineering Technology at KU Leuven needed to fool a smart camera. To be clear: Wiebe Van Ranst, Simen Thys, and Toon Goedemé from the EAVISE research group don't have evil intentions. Quite the opposite. Their research aims to expose the weaknesses of intelligent detection systems.  "Smart detection systems rely on pattern recognition," says Professor Goedemé, head of EAVISE (Embedded and Artificially Intelligent Vision Engineering) at De Nayer Campus.
Environment - Apr 16

New process makes the production of pharmaceuticals more efficient and sustainable. In the near future, fossil raw materials can be replaced in the production of two important anticancer drugs. An interuniversity team with researchers from UAntwerp and KU Leuven developed a process that starts from … wood.

Life Sciences - Apr 10
Life Sciences

Our brain relies on 2D information to create a 3D image of the world.

Environment - Apr 15

A team of Belgian and French researchers is back from a 6-week mission studying Antarctica on a sailing ship.

Physics - Apr 8

What is the impact of weathering processes on microplastics, and how do the particles spread across seas and oceans' Computer models developed by hydraulics engineers from KU Leuven may help to find the answers.


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Career - 08.03.2019
Striving together towards a super-divers Ghent University
Striving together towards a super-divers Ghent University
On 1 March the Ghent University Board of Governors approved the diversity plan for the period 2019-2023.

Innovation / Technology - History / Archeology - 07.03.2019
Time Machine Launch imminent
UAntwerp, UGent and the City of Antwerp join forces for a prestigious European project? Europe sees merit in the prestigious Time Machine project.

Innovation / Technology - 01.03.2019

Event - 28.02.2019

Environment - Business / Economics - 24.02.2019
Climate friendly investing, how is Ghent University doing that?
Climate friendly investing, how is Ghent University doing that?
Dare to opt for an ambitious climate policy According to ancient activist tradition, Ghent University students are not left undisturbed in the social debate.

Computer Science / Telecom - 18.02.2019

Administration - 11.02.2019

Law / Forensics - 11.02.2019

Computer Science / Telecom - 07.02.2019

Career - Administration - 01.02.2019
Ghent University approves new career policy for research staff
On 1 February 2019, the Board of Governors of Ghent University approved the new regulations for research staff (WP), that improve the contract regulations, and offer a supplementary pension to all WP in line with market practice.

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History / Archeology - 26.12.2018

Health - 19.12.2018
Stress related responses regulate immune function
Natural killer T cells form a specialized immune cell that protects against a variety of diseases. This is because of their ability to make large amounts of cytokines, which act as major communicators between different cell types.

Administration - 17.12.2018
'We are transforming our university into a place where talent once again feels valued and nurtured'
’We are transforming our university into a place where talent once again feels valued and nurtured’
Our university should once again belong to the academics, rather than the bureaucracy, writes the rector of Ghent University, Rik Van de Walle.

Law / Forensics - 14.12.2018

Law / Forensics - 10.12.2018

Transport - 10.12.2018