Health - Oct 5
Gamma delta (γδ) T cells are immune system cells that possess several characteristics that make them attractive cellular targets for cancer immunotherapy. A team of researchers sought to better understand the development of these T cells in humans.
Economics - Oct 4

VUB/UGent researchers use a new method to assess discrimination in housing market more precisely and find 10% of brokers are willing to select tenants based on ethnicity Tuesday, October 4, 2022 — Doctoral students in sociology Abel Ghekiere (

Career - Sep 20

When it comes to well-being at work, self-employed people are often overlooked. In her doctoral study, occupational sociologist Jessie Gevaert investigated working conditions and mental well-being among those working for themselves.

Physics - Sep 20

What is a perfect fluid - It is a theoretical model of a fluid that allows to assume that the fluid is not viscous, that it does not conduct heat, that it is incompressible and does not create vortices. It is therefore an approximation of reality that simplifies the theoretical predictions of fluid flows. For the first time, an international team has experimentally demonstrated this same behavior for light immersed in a medium of low refractive index.

Health - Sep 1

When a tumor develops in an organism, it is very common for the cancer cells to leave the tumor and settle in another organ where they proliferate, creating what is called metastasis. This process is an important factor in mortality since it means the worsening of the disease. Hence the interest in better understanding what happens during this phenomenon. This is what the multidisciplinary team of Carine Michiels, researcher at the NARILIS Institute of UNamur, and Davide Bonifazi, researcher at the University of Vienna, did in the framework of the PACMAN research project funded by the FNRS. The results of this study are published in the journal Neoplasia.

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