Health - Nov 24
It's estimated that half of the adult population worldwide snores, with or without dangerous interruptions of breathing and related health risks such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, fatigue and concentration problems. Doctoral research at VUB by Dr. Miche De Meyer and her promotor Wolfgang Jacquet shows that snoring can be very stressful for your health and for your relationship, They are making an attempt to define the phenomenon objectively for the first time.
Health - Nov 9

KU Leuven presents 7 reports that scrutinise various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. What are the socio-economic and psychological consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures to control it? What lessons can we draw from this crisis, especially with regard to policy, governance, the organisation of health care and inclusion? To answer these questions, an interdisciplinary approach is necessary.

Career - Oct 25

On Thursday, the long-awaited court case against Deliveroo starts in Brussels. The central question is whether the e-commerce company allows its couriers to work as self-employed workers unjustly, which means they have hardly any access to social rights. Research by VUB researcher Elief Vandevenne has shown that in many cases, working conditions are precarious and uncertain. In the context of her doctoral study she examined the degree of precariousness and the relationship with well-being among 170 Brussels food couriers.

Environment - Oct 28

VUB leads global team to launch personal climate projection website #MyClimateFuture. Young generations are severely threatened by climate change. This intergenerational inequality was highlighted by an international research team led by VUB climate scientist Professor Wim Thiery in Science.

Health - Oct 25

VUB-researchers identify for the first time interglobular dentine in cremated human teeth. The cremation process destroys a lot of information that can usually be obtained from the human skeleton.

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