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Campus - Career - 14.06.2023

Research Management - Career - 05.05.2023

Health - Career - 06.04.2023
Presscuff: new spin-off from VUB and UZ Brussel develops tube to reduce pneumonia risk during prolonged artificial ventilation
During artificial ventilation in intensive care, a ventilation tube is inserted into the patient's throat, taking air directly to the lungs.

Career - Health - 30.03.2023

Research Management - Career - 31.01.2023
Six Ghent researchers win ERC Consolidator Grant
Six Ghent researchers win ERC Consolidator Grant
Six Ghent researchers win an ERC Consolidator Grant. This important European research grant enables them to continue their groundbreaking research.

Career - Research Management - 08.12.2022

Research Management - Career - 23.11.2022

Career - Environment - 22.11.2022
Four ERC Starting Grants for KU Leuven researchers
Four ERC Starting Grants for KU Leuven researchers
The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded its Starting Grants. Among this year's recipients are literary scholar N˙ria Codina SolÓ, engineer Benjamin Gorissen, bioscience engineer Koenraad Van Meerbeek, and chemical engineer Xing Yang.

Career - Health - 25.07.2022
Alternative workers fill gaps in formal care offering
Alternative care workers are undervalued in the current care system, according to VUB PhD candidate Sylvia Hoens.

Environment - Career - 16.05.2022

Career - Event - 06.03.2022

Research Management - Career - 14.02.2022
Researcher receives second Proof of Concept Grant from European Research Council
Professor Wim De Malsche builds new instrument for complex separations such as blood analysis A Vrije Universiteit Brussel researcher has received a second European Research Council Proof of Concept Grant for his ultra-performance analytical separations, worth Ą150,000.

Campus - Career - 15.10.2021

Career - 24.03.2021
VUB puts in Ą2.6 million extra for research
Injection of funds to counteract coronavirus effects The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is providing an extra injection of Ą2.6 million in research funding to partially offset the negative effects of the coronavirus measures.

Career - 19.11.2020
Brexit: Papers, Please?
Brexit: Papers, Please?
The transition period ends on 31/12. New migration and visa legislation will be implemented that will effect mobility for employees.

Career - 09.10.2020

Career - Administration - 31.03.2020
ERC Advanced Grants for two KU Leuven researchers
The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded its Advanced Grants for groundbreaking research. Two KU Leuven researchers are among this year's recipients: engineer Bart De Moor and philosopher Jan Opsomer.

Career - Administration - 03.09.2019
Three researchers at Ghent University win an ERC Starting Grant
Today the European Research Council (ERC) announced the names of the European scientists winning a Starting Grant.