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Economics - 13.03.2023
Consumer protection in spotlight as Week of the Consumer opens at VUB
Ahead of International Day of the Consumer on 15 March, secretary of state for consumer protection Alexia Bertrand kicked off a week of events at VUB highlighting consumer rights.

Sport - Economics - 12.01.2023

Research Management - Economics - 27.10.2022

Astronomy / Space Science - Economics - 26.09.2022
RHEA Luxembourg leads international partnership with ESA on QKD
RHEA System Luxembourg S.A. POST Luxembourg, HITEC Luxembourg, the University of Luxembourg's Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), evolutionQ Inc.

Economics - 08.06.2022
ENLIGHT succesfully completes cooperative course with 9 European partner institutions
ENLIGHT succesfully completes cooperative course with 9 European partner institutions
The first international Blended Intensive Programme focused on a challenge issued by the City of Ghent: how could the city neighborhood Meulestede become climate neutral?

Campus - Economics - 11.02.2022
VUB master’s thesis examines how more young people can become cultural entrepreneurs
The Flemish cultural sector has undergone many changes in recent years. In 2006, the economic aspect of culture was recognised.

Campus - Economics - 08.03.2021

Campus - Economics - 08.12.2020

Economics - 21.07.2020

Economics - Environment - 28.01.2020

Economics - 09.09.2019

Innovation - Economics - 03.07.2019
Tailor-made solution paves the way to more cost-efficient transport of cargo
Spin-off Digitrans provides data-driven logistics solution for the transport sector. DigiTrans, the latest spin-off of the University of Antwerp and imec, is operational.

Social Sciences - Economics - 13.05.2019
Francqui Prize 2019 goes to KU Leuven research into the impact of family decisions on individual well-being
This year's Francqui Prize, often dubbed 'the Belgian Nobel Prize', has been awarded to three KU Leuven economists: Laurens Cherchye, Bram De Rock, and Frederic Vermeulen.

Environment - Economics - 24.02.2019
Climate friendly investing, how is Ghent University doing that?
Climate friendly investing, how is Ghent University doing that?
Dare to opt for an ambitious climate policy According to ancient activist tradition, Ghent University students are not left undisturbed in the social debate.

Economics - 07.12.2018

Economics - Career - 11.06.2018
Personalities of men and women in leadership roles barely differ
Introduction: UAntwerp and Hudson researched the personality profiles of more than 500 leaders. The idea that women in leadership roles are fundamentally different to their male colleagues is widespread.

Health - Economics - 22.04.2018

Economics - Administration - 09.03.2018

Economics - Social Sciences - 09.03.2018

Economics - Politics - 10.01.2018
What can we do about forced labour?
Introduction: Neil Howard (UAntwerp) and other researchers from Beyond Trafficking and Slavery, an organisation that studies labour exploitation, are proposing new policy interventions to tackle previously unaddressed root causes of exploitative work conditions.

Economics - 10.01.2018