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Physics - Oct 8, 2020
The Lasers, Optics and Spectroscopies (LOS) technological platform has just received a new spectrometer. Its particularity? It can be used in many fields and allows the study of phenomena with very high spectral resolution and at very high speed - of the order of a microsecond. It is the first instrument of this type in Belgium and the world's first one qualified for high-resolution spectroscopy!
Physics - Sep 14, 2020

Recent research published by the CMT group in collaboration with Rutgers University uncover a novel way of achieving flat bands in through strain superlattices. An international team led by researchers at Rutgers University in the US has found a way to create “flat? electronic bands - that is, electron states in which there is no relationship between the electrons' energy and velocity - in graphene simply by causing the material to buckle.

Physics - May 27, 2020

At the European nuclear and particle physics laboratory CERN, physicists can produce extremely rare short-lived atoms and molecules.

Physics - Jun 18, 2020

Plasma astrophysicists at KU Leuven have created the first self-consistent simulation of the physical processes that occur during a solar flare.

Health - Jan 9, 2020

An interdisciplinary team of scientists from KU Leuven, the University of Bremen, the Leibniz Institute of Materials Engineering, and the University of Ioannina has succeeded in killing tumour cells in mice using nano-sized copper compounds together with immunotherapy.

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Physics - 17.09.2020
PhD Candidate positions in Phase Contrast X-ray Imaging Universiteit Antwerpen
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Postdoc position in Computational Tomographic Imaging Universiteit Antwerpen
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