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Sport - 14.09.2021
Researches social value of Paralympic Games
Belgians proud of Paralympic medals and consider Paralympians role models for everyone The Belgian population believes that the Paralympic Games and performances are important and should be given att

Sport - Computer Science - 23.02.2021
Brand new virtual reality box for pioneering research into virtual sports
Innovations will make sports in virtual world possible Research into sports in virtual reality (VR) will soon start at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Sport - 27.06.2017
Slow motion video makes football referees more likely to give a red card
Video assistant refereeing in football has to be used with caution. Researchers at KU Leuven have shown that refs are more likely to give red when they see a foul committed in slow motion, even when a yellow card is more justifiable. This is because fouls viewed in slow motion appear to be more serious.