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Innovation - Social Sciences - 12.03.2024
GoldenMe: the start-up connecting the older generation

Social Sciences - Environment - 18.12.2023
VUB expands into Flanders with scientific public programme
VUB expands into Flanders with scientific public programme

Social Sciences - Campus - 25.11.2023
Empowering voices, breaking chains: the global pursuit to end violence against women

Social Sciences - 23.11.2023
Conflict Israel - Hamas: Ghent University statement
At the request of the Rector, the Human Rights Policy and Dual Use Research Committee gave advice on the impact of the conflict between Israel and Hamas on university collaborations with Israel and Palestine.

Social Sciences - Campus - 16.11.2023
VUB community pays tribute to late colleagues during annual Moment of Compassion

Social Sciences - Campus - 18.10.2023
100 VUB and ULB students debate with Portuguese president Rebelo de Sousa

Social Sciences - 10.10.2023
Research project Reel Borders brings testimonies of 'cross-border' women to European Parliament
Research project Reel Borders brings testimonies of ’cross-border’ women to European Parliament
Brussels, 10 October 2023 - VUB Reel Borders, a research project at the Faculty of Social Sciences, financed by the European Research Council, looks at the relationship between borders and cinema.

Social Sciences - 09.10.2023
VUB statement on violence between Israel and Hamas

Campus - Social Sciences - 29.09.2023
VUB opens up international exchange to more students in 10 countries
The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) opened its academic year today in a symbolic location: the European Parliament in Brussels.

Social Sciences - Campus - 10.08.2023
VUB offers gifted children a taste of university life with Springbok study programme
The VUB research group CLEA (Center Leo Apostel) has developed an English-language study enrichment programme called Springbok.

Environment - Social Sciences - 22.06.2023
Soapbox Science - women scientists take up public space
Soapbox Science - women scientists take up public space

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 21.06.2023
VUB’s Theodoor Kindercampus is new site for Huis van het Kind Brussel

Social Sciences - 16.06.2023
In loving memory of Adrian De Silva

Agronomy / Food Science - Social Sciences - 31.05.2023
Éthiopie: comment un village chanceux du Tigré a survécu à la guerre dévastatrice

Social Sciences - 26.04.2023
No place for fake news and alternative facts in the abortion debate
Opinional piece Vrije Universiteit Brussel (em.

Social Sciences - Campus - 20.02.2023
New Dean at the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

Social Sciences - 15.02.2023
Be brave - Women in Science campaign

Social Sciences - Environment - 17.11.2022
This is how VUB students celebrated St-V 2022

Social Sciences - Campus - 17.11.2022
VUB community pays tribute to the departed at annual Moment of Compassion
VUB community pays tribute to the departed at annual Moment of Compassion

Social Sciences - 08.11.2022
The University condemns violence at Iranian universities

Campus - Social Sciences - 17.10.2022
Support the Iranian struggle by supporting Iranian students

Social Sciences - Campus - 06.10.2022
New boundary-wise policy at VUB: ’Only yes means yes’’

Social Sciences - 19.09.2022
What does it mean to be Afro-European?

Social Sciences - 06.08.2022
VUB Honorary Rector Caroline Pauwels passes away

Social Sciences - Criminology / Forensics - 14.06.2022
VUB Professor Dr. Sonja Snacken receives Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws 2022

Social Sciences - 20.05.2022
ULB and VUB stand together at Belgian Pride 2022

Social Sciences - 25.04.2022
Call for participants - Autism study

Environment - Social Sciences - 14.04.2022
VUB and ULB establish Brussels Institute for Advanced Studies
Radically interdisciplinary, international and socially relevant: First BrIAS series tackles food, climate and sustainability Thursday, April 14, 2022 — The Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Unive

Environment - Social Sciences - 05.04.2022
VUB co-leads a European project to reinforce nature-based climate solutions in schools
Tuesday, April 5, 2022 — VUB researchers from Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research and Cartography and GIS (CGIS) group will examine the accessibility and equity implications of Nature-Based Cli

Social Sciences - 10.03.2022
Journalist Robin Goudsmit designated as new Scherpsteller

Innovation - Social Sciences - 08.02.2022
VUB and other EUTOPIA universities sign Stick to Science campaign

Social Sciences - 26.01.2022
Community Land Trust Brussels wins World Habitat Award

Social Sciences - 21.12.2021
Secondary school pupils also experience discrimination
Research within the framework of a master's thesis at VUB shows that secondary school pupils with a non-Western sounding name are 4.28 times less likely to find a job in the government, in the

Social Sciences - 09.12.2021
Ahmadreza Djalali honoured with Courage to Think Award 2021

Campus - Social Sciences - 16.09.2021
Enlargement of the Eutopia European University to Three NEW Institutions

Social Sciences - 27.07.2021
Statement from Flemish universities on hunger strike by sans-papiers

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 20.06.2021
Young refugees clash with structures
VUB research exposes difficulties for young newcomers in Belgium June 20 is World Refugee Day For his doctoral research, Minne Huysman, of the VUB's adult educational sciences department, followed 122 young newcomers who sought protection in Belgium in the summer of 2015.

Campus - Social Sciences - 26.05.2021
VUB statement about undocumented people on campus

Social Sciences - 04.05.2021
VUB and ULB honour persecuted Chinese and Belarusian female journalists

Event - Social Sciences - 29.04.2021
VUB and ULB award Chinese and Belarusian women journalists

Environment - Social Sciences - 05.04.2021
EU citizens ready to become energy producers
VUB project RENAISSANCE shows that energy transition can be done locally with good guidance Monday, April 5, 2021 — Researchers from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in cooperation with research

Campus - Social Sciences - 28.03.2021
European student exchange in Brussels

Campus - Social Sciences - 26.03.2021
VUB and ULB students join forces with Brussels organisations for virtual weKONEKT.week

Politics - Social Sciences - 05.02.2021
Press invitation: Launch Brussels School of Governance

Social Sciences - 29.01.2021
Non-Belgian prisoners are not sufficiently able to participate in prison activities

Social Sciences - 05.11.2020
The EU-funded TiGRE project presents a series of research seminars to the scholarly community and the general public

Social Sciences - Environment - 25.10.2020
75 years United Nations: a durable and sustainable cooperation with Ghent University
75 years United Nations: a durable and sustainable cooperation with Ghent University

Social Sciences - 19.10.2020
’I care about understanding the human condition better’

Law - Social Sciences - 18.09.2020
Privatising International Law? Contracts, Business and Financing as International Law’s New Normal

Social Sciences - 14.09.2020
Growth agnosticism, human rights and social inequality
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